Mulesoft Docker connector

Docker Connector for Mulesoft

The Anypoint Connector for Docker, built using Docker Java API client, is a communication tool that provides seamless integration with the Docker engine from a mule flow. It exposes Docker operations by executing API calls as per configuration. It supports HTTP and HTTPS connections and can be used as an inbound or as an outbound connector from the mule flow.

Docker connector helps a user to

  1. Execute operations on a Containers, Images and Volumes
  2. Connect with Docker engine running on HTTP as well as HTTPS connection
  3. Interact with Docker registry

Our Contributions

New Connector, bug fixes

Project Details

Date: Apr 12, 2018

Author: Nagnath Sawant, Niranjan Joshi

Categories: project

Tagged: Flat, UI, Development



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Mulesoft Docker connector

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