Terraform Contribution

Terraform Contribution

Terraform is Infrastructure as Code for building infrastructure with configuration files. It has different providers for integration. Following are the providers & modules that we have developed/modified.

  1. vSphere: Added support for snapshot management resource.
  2. Active Directory: Automates the Active Directory resource creation during Infrastructure build
  3. Microsoft SCVMM: Automates the Microsoft System Center Virtual Machine Manager (SCVMM) resources creation during Infrastructure build
  4. Open Day Light: Automates the Open DayLight resource creation during Infrastructure build
  5. vRealize Automation: Automates execution of vRA Blueprint during Infrastructure build
  6. HTTP File Upload: Automates any file upload (log file, config file, etc.) on WebServer over HTTP during Infrastructure build
  7. NSX-V: Automates addition of VM in Security Group on NSX for vSphere.
  8. Terraform Module for IBM Cloud Private (ICP): Automates ICP Installation in Basic & Distributed mode along with VM deployment (on KVM) and prerequisite installation.

Our Contributions

Build new providers, build new module, bug fixes

Project Details

Date: Sep 20, 2017

Author: Bhushan Rane, Sadhana Sonawa, Shubham Tholiya, Pallavi Joshi, Sujay Nakhare, Kiran Gund, Payal Rahatal, Sudeep Mukhedkar, Ganesh Chokhare, Mayur Patange, Vrushal Patankar

Categories: project

Tagged: Flat, UI, Development

Client: Terraform Provider and Terrform Module


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Terraform Contribution



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